Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Center for Youth in Rustavi

In 2020 an Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Youth Centre was opened in Rustavi. For this purpose, an agreement was formalised between Rustavi City Hall, RIH and Dutch company Effect AI on the provision of the space for the centre and purchase of equipment.

The AI and Blockchain Centre launched operation in a small office, at the Rustavi municipal theatre building, where special equipment was installed. The main goal of the centre is to employ domestic young people and transfer knowledge to have the opportunity to work in Georgia and remotely.
The rehabilitation works for the centre and equipment were provided within the frames of the project, Rustavi municipality allocated the required space. Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation the blockchain and artificial intelligence centre continued its activities in the online space. In September, 2020 was launched the online workshop of blockchain centre beneficiaries with the Effect AI.
Within the framework of the project the Effect A.I development the on-job training module for tech skills for youth giving the Rustavi residents the opportunity to study modern technologies and issues related to artificial intelligence. As a result, young people will have alternative employment opportunities.


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